As an aspiring international student, one often looks for prestigious scholarship grants to fund their academic journey. For those who are eager to apply to UK universities for the September 2024 intake, one such opportunity that shines brightly is the UK Commonwealth Scholarship 2024/25. 

This is a fully funded opportunity for international students and is sponsored by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). It allows students from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries to apply to top-ranked UK universities and realize their dream of higher education from the country. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through all the vital details of the UK Commonwealth Scholarship 2024/25, including eligibility criteria, application procedures, and the benefits it offers.

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UK Commonwealth Scholarship: A Gateway to Excellence

The UK Commonwealth Scholarship 2024/25 is a type of financial grant that stands equal to the Chevening and Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Under this opportunity, there are two different opportunities that international students can opt for – 

1.     Master's Degree Scholarship: A one-year, fully funded master's degree program.

2.     Ph.D. Scholarship: A three-year, fully funded Ph.D. program.

This scholarship program allows students to dive deeper into world-class education, enhance their knowledge and core skills from the field of their choosing, and acquire a global perspective, without having to worry about the high finances. 

UK Commonwealth Scholarship: The Application Process

The following steps elaborate the entire application process to apply for the UK Commonwealth Scholarship program. Follow the below-mentioned steps to file a successful application – 

Commonwealth Online Application System:

Start by applying online through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission's (CSC) online application system. This platform is the gateway to your scholarship application.

Please find the link to the same below –

We strongly advise you to complete your application well before the deadline. Waiting until the last moment can lead to system congestion and potential application issues.

Apply to the Nominating Agency:

In addition to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) application, you must apply to a nominating agency in your home country. These agencies serve as the primary channel for selecting candidates.

There are two types of nominating agencies for master's scholarships: National nominating agencies and selected non-governmental organizations and charitable bodies.

For Ph.D. scholarships, nominating agencies include national nominating agencies, selected universities/university bodies, and selected non-governmental organizations and charitable bodies.

Keep in mind that nominating agencies may have their own application rules and closing dates for applications. Along with this, they may also have their criteria of eligibility and hence it is highly advisable to apply candidates to check the individual nominating agency website for any specific advice from their end as well. 

By December 2023, the organizations will suggest students for scholarships to the CSC .

When can you apply for the UK Commonwealth Scholarship 2024/25?

Mark your calendars and submit your application for the Commonwealth Scholarship 2024/25 via the CSC online application by 5:00 PM British Summer Time (4:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time) on October 17, 2023. 

These scholarships are for students who want to start studying in the United Kingdom in either September or October of 2024.

When can you expect an outcome on your UK Commonwealth Scholarship Application?

Applicants can expect to receive the outcome of their application by July 2024. The outcome will be shared with selected candidates via email, and hence it is advised that all the applicants must monitor their email and each folder within it, in case any response is received from our end. 

Documentation required for applying to UK Commonwealth Scholarship Program

You need to provide the following listed documents to apply for the UK Commonwealth Scholarship program 2024/25 – 

1. Proof of Commonwealth-eligible country citizenship which ideally includes a valid passport copy, that has the name, date of birth, and nationality printed on it, along with the candidate’s recent photograph.

2. Individual transcripts for all higher education qualifications including transcripts for those academic qualifications that are recently being studied by the candidate.

3. References from at least two individuals, in PDF format, on institutional letterhead, or via official email with sender details.

To know more about the documentation required, and what needs to be included within a reference form, please visit the official website of the UK Commonwealth Scholarship 2023/24 by visiting the link below –

Eligibility Criteria to apply for the UK Commonwealth Scholarship program 2024/25

To be eligible for this prestigious scholarship, you must meet the following criteria – 

1. You should either be a citizen of a particular Commonwealth country or have refugee status there. Alternatively, you can be a British Protected Person.

2. You must live permanently in one of these Commonwealth countries.

3. You should be ready to start your studies in the UK when the academic year begins in September 2024.

4. By September 2024, you should have already completed your first degree with good grades. Or, if you have a lower second-class degree, you should also have a relevant postgraduate qualification, like a Master's degree. 

5. Normally, the scholarship program won't support a second Master's degree. If you want to pursue one, you'll need to explain why it's necessary.

6. You should demonstrate that you can't afford to study in the UK without this scholarship.

Make sure you provide all the necessary documents in the right format.

If you have a disability and your academic record doesn't meet the usual standards, you might still be considered for a scholarship through the Commonwealth Disabled People’s Forum nominator. The scholarship program is looking for talented individuals who can bring positive change. They are committed to fairness and don't discriminate. They encourage applications from a diverse group of people. 

You can connect with them for more details by visiting the link below – 

Also, to note, there's no age limit for applying for these scholarships.

What does the UK Commonwealth Scholarship Application cover?

The UK Commonwealth Scholarship provides fully funded financial support to selected candidates for undertaking their higher education coursework from the United Kingdom. 

Please find the below benefits that you can expect from being selected for this prestigious scholarship program – 

Return Air Ticket: Your journey to the UK will be covered.

Full Tuition Fee: Your entire tuition fee will be taken care of.

Monthly Stipend: You will receive a monthly stipend of either £1,347 or £1,652, depending on your course.

Warm Clothes Allowance

Thesis Allowance: Funding for your research [applicable to Ph.D. candidates].

Additional Study Travel Grants: Support for academic travel.

Support for Families: If you are a widowed, divorced, or single parent, the scholarship extends support for your children.

Additional Allowance for Disabled Persons

Citizens from which country are eligible to apply for this coursework? 

Only individuals from the countries listed below are allowed to apply for Commonwealth Master's Scholarships. Here is the list of those countries:




























Papua New Guinea


Saint Helena

Saint Lucia

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines


Sierra Leone

Solomon Islands

South Africa

Sri Lanka


The Gambia







If you're not from one of these countries, you won't be eligible to apply for these scholarships.

What can you expect in the application form for the UK Commonwealth Scholarship program 2024/25?

To fill out the application form for the UK Commonwealth Scholarship 2024/25, one needs to complete a series of questions. 

These include, but are not restricted to – 

Detailing all academic achievements, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Listing a maximum of 10 publications and any accolades or awards.

Detailing one’s employment history, along with an explanation of how this professional experience aligns with and supports the applied program in the UK.

Provide details about three referees who possess the required qualifications to assess the applicant’s suitability for the scholarship program. They should also provide information on how the candidate will prove to be a positive addition to the learning community and lead positive development impacts in the future. 

One of these referees should ideally be the applicant's current employer (if applicable), and at least two reference letters should accompany the application.

In addition to it, one needs to craft a Development Impact statement which also needs to be divided into four distinct sections. 

In the first part, the applicant needs to write about the connection between the proposed scholarship and development issues in a global, national, and local context and issues related to the chosen CSC development theme and the broader sector.

The second section should outline the applicant's intentions regarding the application of their newfound skills once the scholarship ends.

The third part should talk about the anticipated changes in the field of development post-scholarship, and should ideally include details regarding the specific outcomes an applicant wishes to accomplish, the timeline for implementing these changes, and the intended beneficiaries of their efforts. 

Lastly, the fourth segment requires applicants to describe how the impact of their work can be effectively assessed over some time. 

Also, the applicants are required to confirm their award objectives, detailing how they'll achieve them through the scholarship program, outline their five-year career plans, express long-term career aspirations, present a thorough study plan, offer a personal statement reflecting on their background impact on their commitment to their home country, which may include overcoming obstacles to access education or excel in their field, and summarize their involvement in volunteer work and displays of leadership skills.

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Important Note 

One needs to note that if they wish to avail the UK Commonwealth Scholarship 2024/25, they need to pledge to return to their country of origin after the end of the scholarship period. Under no circumstances can they stay back and work in the UK after the scholarship period ends. 


The UK Commonwealth Scholarship 2024/25 offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for international students to pursue their dreams of higher education in the United Kingdom. This fully funded scholarship program not only covers your tuition but also provides essential financial support to ensure your academic success. 

Start your journey towards excellence today by applying for the UK Commonwealth Scholarship. 

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