If you are an international student planning to apply for scholarship applications in support of your higher education program from abroad, one of the most important documents that you would need to submit is the statement of purpose for scholarship applications.

Any university abroad requires this statement to understand your overall candidature, your academic background, experience [if any], and your co-curricular participation which justifies why you are fit for receiving that particular financial aid.

A lot of scholarship applications will be available for international students from September 2023 onwards. Hence it is always a good practice to start your scholarship application preparation early and refine the statement of purpose draft over time to arrive at that perfect essay. The following article will tell you the key aspects of writing a convincing Statement of Purpose (SOP) to get selected for any prestigious financial grant/scholarship abroad.

Key things to remember while writing your Statement of Purpose for Scholarship Applications

If you are in the initial phase of writing your Statement of Purpose for scholarship applications abroad, keep in mind the below-listed pointers to draft a convincing final essay –

1. Know your scholarship inside out – The first and foremost thing you need to remember, even before starting to type your first words for the SOP is that you need to know everything about the scholarship you are applying for. Every scholarship offered to international applicants is unique, and has a predefined set of requirements and guidelines. It is highly important to know and understand what the selection committee is looking for before drafting the scholarship SOP. Some of the key things you need to note during this time are the word limits, formatting preferences, and evaluation criteria, which will serve as the foundation of your SOP.

2. Define Your Goals and Dreams – The second most important thing to consider while drafting a convincing SOP for scholarship consideration is to identify your key academic goals and professional dreams that you wish to achieve by acquiring the scholarship grant. In the essay, the first thing that you need to explain is how the scholarship aligns with these goals and why it's essential for your educational journey.

3. Write your story – However, your scholarship essay should not just be an explanation of your achievements, background, and future career goals. It should be a personalized story of your life’s journey. Share your background, upbringing, and experiences that have shaped you, and provide key real-life examples that showcase your character and determination. Remember, your SOP is an opportunity to let your personality shine through.

4. Spotlight Your Achievements – The next important thing that you need to explain in your SOP is your achievements. Start from your academic achievements and then move on to other important awards that you have won beyond the classroom. However, do not cut, copy, and paste your resume into the essay. What you need to do, however, is to explain how your achievements have prepared you for this scholarship program, and how they will serve as the foundation for your future career.

5. Passion and Motivation Matter – In the next section of any scholarship essay, you need to describe why you are enthusiastic about studying your chosen subject, and how your background aligns with the learning outcomes of that chosen coursework as well as the goals of the scholarship you are applying for. For the latter, take the time to research the scholarship provider's values and mission, and share experiences, research, or projects that have fuelled your commitment. This alignment demonstrates that you're a perfect match for their investment.

6. Emphasize Your Contribution to Society – One of the most important aspects of your personality that the scholarship committee looks for in an application is your contribution to society. Ideally, any scholarship selection committee favors those candidates who have long-term plans to contribute back to their native communities or the world in some form or the other after completing their academic studies. To emphasize what you bring to the table in this regard, highlight any community service, volunteer work, or leadership roles that you have already worked in, to illustrate your commitment toward the society.

Always remember that to draft a convincing Statement of Purpose for scholarship purposes, one needs to have clarity and conciseness in their ideas.

This means that you need to use clear language and structure your thoughts in a logically connected manner. You should not make use of terms that are overly technical and hard to understand. Also, make sure that you stick to the word limit that has been prescribed by the scholarship committee.

Also, look for some advice and feedback on your initial draft from mentors, professors, and trusted friends. Their input can help you spot areas that need improvement. After revising, meticulously proofread your SOP for grammar and spelling errors.

Lastly, writing a convincing Statement of Purpose for Scholarship applications takes its own time to brainstorm ideas, draft, and revise. You need to start early to write a well-thought-out essay, which can increase your chances of gaining that prestigious scholarship reward. Furthermore, please note that if you're applying for multiple scholarships, do not use the same SOP for all the applications.

You need to edit each statement as per the individual requirements and values of each scholarship application, which will aptly showcase to the committee the effort you have put in for each application.

Tips for Writing a Good Personal Statement for a Scholarship

Make use of the below tips for writing a convincing Statement of Purpose for scholarship applications –

1. The first important point to consider is to research thoroughly. Use tools such as Google Search to conduct this research about various aspects of writing the SOP draft. Take notes where necessary and draft your ideas around them.

2. Read as many samples as possible of the Statement of Purpose drafts to refine your vocabulary, sentence structuring, and task achievement.

3. Use simple vocabulary but in an impactful manner. Using eye-catching words and motivational quotes/lines is not important, but what is important for a convincing SOP is clear word usage.

4. Collect relevant data and re-arrange it in a format that is in accordance with the guidelines of the scholarship application you are applying for.


In conclusion, crafting a convincing Statement of Purpose for scholarship applications for the coming academic year can be your key to standing out in a competitive field and acquiring that prestigious financial grant. Remember to reflect on your goals, experiences, and motivations, and convey them effectively in your SOP. By following these steps and investing your best effort, you can create a good Statement of Purpose that convinces scholarship committees to invest in your education and future success.