If you're an individual seeking to immigrate to Canada, the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) program can be your ticket to realizing your Canadian dream. This program provides a streamlined process for foreign employees to move to Canada, enabling them to work in the country while continuing their professional development. Let's explore how the ICT work permit can open doors for you in Canada.

A Simplified Immigration Process

One of the most significant advantages of the ICT program is that it bypasses the complex and time-consuming labor market test imposed by the Canadian government. This makes it considerably easier for individuals to transfer to Canada and embark on their Canadian journey.

Who Can Get an ICT Work Permit for Canada?

To be eligible for an Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) work permit in Canada, there are specific requirements that both you, as an individual, and your current employer need to meet.

For You:

  • You should currently be employed by a multinational company and intend to work in Canada in a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate company.
  • Your transfer should be to a Canadian entity that maintains a qualifying relationship with your current employer, and the Canadian establishment must be legitimate and ongoing.
  • You should have been consistently employed in a similar full-time role for at least one year within the three-year period before your application. If you've been working part-time, additional factors such as your work experience, position similarity, and part-time extent may be taken into account.
  • In the case of corporate acquisitions or mergers, one year of employment with your current employer may not be necessary if you've worked for one of the affiliates for at least one year in the previous three years. The successor entity must demonstrate its continuity of business operations similar to the original company.
  • Your stay in Canada should be temporary, complying with all of Canada's immigration requirements for temporary entry.

Occupational Categories:

ICT work permits in Canada fall into three main occupational categories:

1. Executives and Senior Managers:

  • Executive: Primarily responsible for directing the enterprise or a significant component of it.
  • Senior Manager: Manages all or part of the enterprise, overseeing other managers or professional employees.

2. Functional Managers:

Oversees a function vital to achieving the company's objectives but may not manage employees.

3. Specialized Knowledge:

  • Demonstrates advanced expertise and proprietary knowledge of the enterprise's products, services, processes, and procedures.

ICT Work Permits for Start-Up Companies:

If you're an employee of a foreign business looking to establish operations in Canada, the ICT program can help you bring your skills to the country for start-up operations. When applying for an ICT Start-Up visa, you must demonstrate your company's ability to establish itself in Canada. This includes:

  • Proving financial capacity to cover start-up costs and employee compensation.
  • Preparing a business plan outlining staffing and business operations in Canada.
  • Securing or in the process of securing physical premises.
  • Ensuring the company will be sufficiently large to support executive or management functions when transferring executives or managers.
  • Confirming the expected business activities for specialized knowledge workers and that the work is overseen by Canadian management.

The ICT Start-Up program provides a one-year temporary work permit, which can be renewed if the companies maintain a qualifying relationship and continue active business operations in Canada. It's essential to ensure that the newly established Canadian operations are adequately staffed to meet these requirements.

In conclusion, the Intra-Company Transfer program provides a seamless pathway for individuals like you to immigrate to Canada and pursue your professional aspirations in the country. With the support of immigration experts like Cohen Immigration Law, navigating these immigration options becomes more accessible and efficient, bringing you closer to your Canadian dream.

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