The recent policy alterations announced by the US Embassy and Consulate in India entail vital changes in the application process for F, M, and J student visas. These modifications, effective from November 27, 2023, significantly impact the passport and application procedure for prospective students aiming to study in the United States.

Enhanced Passport Verification Measures

To fortify the integrity of the appointment system and deter fraudulent practices, all student visa applicants must meticulously use their respective passport details when establishing a profile and arranging their visa appointments. Any erroneous input of passport information during profile creation or appointment booking will lead to the rejection of the application at Visa Application Centers (VAC), resulting in the cancellation of appointments and forfeiture of the visa fee.

In the event of an incorrect passport entry, applicants are urged to either create a new profile with the accurate passport details or access an existing profile containing the correct information to secure a new appointment. However, this rectification process necessitates payment for a new visa fee if the previous receipt was linked to a profile with erroneous passport data. Moreover, applicants renewing or acquiring a new passport due to expiration, loss, or theft can present evidence of the previous passport number to proceed with their appointment.

Key Updates in Visa Application Forms (DS-160)

Ensuring the completion of the DS-160 form with accurate details is imperative for scheduling visa appointments. Applicants are advised that any alterations made to the DS-160 form require specific actions based on the appointment date:

For appointments booked before November 15, 2023, corrected DS-160 confirmation pages can be submitted at the VAC or document drop-off locations.

Appointments scheduled on or after November 15, 2023, necessitate the submission of both the original and corrected DS-160 confirmation pages on the appointment day. Failure to comply may lead to appointment rescheduling.

For additional guidance, applicants are encouraged to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) under DS-160 provided on the official website.

Streamlined Interview Waiver Process

Renewing visas in the same category within 48 months or applying for specific visas under designated circumstances allows applicants to potentially waive the in-person interview requirement. However, certain criteria must be met, and consular officers retain the authority to request an in-person interview if necessary.

Expedited Appointment Requests

Applicants seeking an expedited appointment should utilize the online appointment system, provided they have a confirmed interview appointment date. The approval process for expedited appointments entails stringent criteria due to the high volume of requests, and it's important not to cancel existing appointments unless confirmed approval is received.


These revisions highlight the embassy's commitment to transparency and efficiency in the visa application process, ensuring integrity and adherence to U.S. immigration regulations. Prospective students are urged to thoroughly familiarize themselves with these updates to streamline their application experience.


1. How will incorrect passport details affect my application?

Incorrect passport details during profile creation or appointment booking will result in rejection, appointment cancellation, and forfeiture of visa fees.

2. Can I amend my DS-160 form after scheduling an appointment?

For appointments scheduled before November 15, 2023, corrected DS-160 pages can be submitted at designated centers. However, for appointments scheduled post this date, both original and corrected pages must be presented on the appointment day.

3. How do I request an expedited appointment?

Applicants with confirmed interview dates can request expedited appointments through the online system. However, approval is subject to stringent criteria due to a high volume of requests.

4. Can I waive an in-person interview for visa renewal?

Certain categories under specific circumstances allow applicants to potentially waive in-person interviews, subject to consular officer discretion and meeting specific criteria.

5. Where can I find more information about the visa categories?

Explore the Directory of Visa Categories on to determine the appropriate visa category for your purpose of travel to the United States.

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