Understanding the EB3 Visa

The EB3 Visa, categorized under Third Priority Worker visas, caters to skilled professionals holding a bachelor’s degree and encompasses other unskilled workers. Eligibility mandates possessing a baccalaureate degree or at least two years of training or work experience.

Employer-Driven Process

Securing the EB3 Visa mandates securing employment with a US-based employer initiating the visa process before completion in the applicant's home country. The visa isn't limited to degree holders but also extends to semi-skilled or unskilled workers meeting eligibility criteria with a confirmed US employment prospect.

Understanding the Eligibility Requirements for the EB3 Visa

EB3 Visa eligibility requires a foreign worker to possess a valid job offer from a US employer, coupled with qualifications aligned with the job description, emphasizing educational background or work experience. The sponsoring employer must also showcase financial stability to sponsor the worker and validate the unavailability of qualified US workers for the role.

Application Path for EB3 Visa

The application process comprises two segments: the US employer acquiring labor certification and filing essential petitions followed by the foreign employee's application for the EW-3 visa at a US Embassy in their native country.

Employer's Role in the Application

Initiating the EB3 Visa process necessitates the US employer obtaining labor certification by demonstrating the absence of qualified US employees for the role. The employer files Form 9089, receives labor certification upon approval, and then proceeds to file Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, with the USCIS.

Steps for the Foreign Employee

Concurrently, the foreign employee completes Form DS-261, undergoes medical examinations, compiles essential supporting documents, attends a visa interview, and awaits approval, post which they receive a crucial NVC package for entry into the US.


Ques 1. How long does it take to get EB3?

Processing an EB3 visa application typically spans 1 to 3 years, varying across countries based on specific circumstances.

Ques 2. Is EB3 faster than EB2?

Ans. EB3 might offer a swifter route compared to EB2 based on individual case movements.

Ques 3. What are the EB3 visa fees?

Ans. The visa involves various fees for both the employer and employee, covering labor certification, petition filing, processing, medical examinations, and supporting document procurement.

Ques 4. What is the duration of EB3 Green Card Processing ?

Ans. The processing time can vary significantly, ranging from 1 to 6+ years due to annual visa caps.

Ques 5. Can I bring my spouse and children to the US with an EB3 visa?

Ans. Yes, your spouse and unmarried children below 21 years qualify to join you, gaining access to specific visas.

Ques 6. Can I work while waiting for EB3?

Ans. If granted work authorization during the green card application process, there are no constraints on employment, provided adherence to state and federal regulations.

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