The Farm Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigrant Program (AAIP) has a specific objective: it seeks to draw in individuals who own or operate farms and have a plan to reside in Alberta for the purpose of acquiring and overseeing their agricultural enterprises. In order to ascertain the eligibility of applicants, the AAIP collaborates closely with Alberta's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. To qualify for immigration under this particular stream, individuals must possess a genuine intention to establish a farming business in Alberta, showcasing not only their commitment but also their proficiency in farm management. Additionally, applicants are required to demonstrate ample financial resources that can be invested in a primary production farming venture within the province of Alberta.


To be eligible to apply for this stream, you must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

1. Demonstrate Farm Management Skills:

  • Present financial documentation pertaining to your existing farm business.
  • Provide evidence of your education, training, and work experience in the field.
  • Submit a comprehensive business plan outlining the specifics of the Alberta farming business you intend to operate.
  • Verify that a Canadian financial institution is prepared to provide financing for your farming operations in Alberta.

2. Show Sufficient Financial Resources:

  • Commit to investing a minimum of CAD $500,000 in equity in a primary production farming business located in Alberta.
  • Exhibit a minimum net worth of CAD $500,000 or provide confirmation of access to equivalent funds from alternative sources. Note: While CAD $500,000 is the specified minimum investment amount, a larger sum may be necessary to adequately demonstrate your investment capacity.

3. Confirm Intent to Invest in Alberta:

  • Clearly document your investment intentions within the proposed business plan.
  • Align your investment plans with the agri-food targets outlined by Alberta's government, as applications demonstrating the greatest potential for growth in accordance with these targets are prioritized.

4. Attend an In-person Interview:

  • Participate in a face-to-face interview conducted by a representative from the Government of Alberta, who will assess your eligibility under the AAIP.

Meeting these detailed criteria ensures that your application aligns with the stringent standards set forth by the Alberta Advantage Immigrant Program, positioning you as a strong candidate for consideration in the Farm Stream.


Individuals falling into the following categories are not eligible to apply for the AAIP Farm Stream:

1. Refugee Claimants or Those in Federal Appeal or Removal Process:

  • If you are currently in the process of making a refugee claim or are undergoing a federal appeal or removal procedure, you are not eligible to apply.

2. Live-in Caregivers Residing in Canada:

  • Individuals classified as live-in caregivers and currently residing in Canada are not eligible to participate in the AAIP Farm Stream.

3. Temporary Foreign Workers in Other Provinces:

  • If you are a Temporary Foreign Worker, actively working and residing in a province other than Alberta, you are not eligible to apply for this particular stream.

4. International Students in Canada, Including Co-op Placements or Internships:

  • International students studying in Canada, even those engaged in co-op work placements or internships as part of their study program, are not eligible to apply through the AAIP Farm Stream.

It is crucial to be aware of these exclusion criteria to ensure that your application aligns with the eligibility requirements set forth by the AAIP Farm Stream. If you fall into any of the mentioned categories, it is recommended to explore alternative immigration pathways that may be applicable to your situation.