The Golden Visa in the UAE is a coveted opportunity for foreign talents, offering the flexibility to live, work, or study anywhere in the country. This long-term residence visa comes with exclusive benefits, and if you're eager to apply within or outside the UAE, this article provides a detailed guide.

Application Process

To obtain a Golden Visa for the United Arab Emirates, you can apply online through the ICA online system or GDRFA’s website. If using the ICP Smart Services System, visit the Golden Residency Services webpage to start the application, ensuring a quick and straightforward process. Alternatively, follow these steps on GDRFA’s website:

  1. Log in to GDRFA Dubai website.
  2. Choose your preferred UAE Golden Visa service.
  3. Complete the online application form.
  4. Upload all supporting documents and pay the relevant fees.
  5. Submit your Golden Visa application.

For added convenience, consider using the GDRFA-Dubai mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices. Download the app, create a new account, select the required visa service, upload necessary documentation, pay the fees, and submit your application seamlessly.

Qualifications for a Golden Visa

To be eligible for a UAE Golden Visa, you must fall into specific categories such as an outstanding student, entrepreneur, frontline hero, humanitarian work pioneer, investor in public investments, or real estate investor. Specialized talents like doctors, scientists, athletes, and inventors are also eligible. In addition to meeting specific criteria, you must:

  • Hold a passport valid for at least six consecutive months.
  • Have earned a degree from one of the top 100 universities globally with a CGPA not below 3.5.
  • Have completed the degree within the last two years, with the educational certificate approved by the Ministry of Education.

Benefits of a UAE Golden Visa

Apart from the privilege of residing, working, and studying in the UAE, a Golden Visa offers exclusive advantages, including:

  • A long-term residence visa valid for five or ten years.
  • No need for a visa sponsor.
  • The ability to sponsor family members and domestic workers without restrictions.
  • Permission to stay outside the UAE for more than six months without losing the residence permit.
  • Crucially, family members of Golden Visa holders can remain in the UAE even if the main holder passes away, provided they leave before the visa expiration.

Golden Visa Through Property Purchase

Yes, you can secure a UAE Golden Visa for five years by purchasing one or multiple properties in any of the Emirates, each valued at least AED 2 million. This includes the option to finance the property through specific local banks.

In conclusion, the UAE Golden Visa not only opens doors for residence but also presents a host of benefits, making it a sought-after opportunity for individuals with diverse talents and aspirations.