The Manitoba Express Entry Pathway is a part of the Manitoba Immigrant Nominee Program (MPNP). This route is accessible to individuals eligible for an MPNP stream and who satisfy the criteria for Express Entry, maintaining an active profile within the system. Moreover, candidates must secure endorsement from a close acquaintance or family member residing in Manitoba for at least one year.

Those within the Express Entry pool obtaining a provincial nomination through the Express Entry-aligned stream, termed an 'enhanced' nomination, are granted an additional 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. This significantly enhances their chances of receiving an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in subsequent Express Entry Draws.

Eligibility for this pathway extends to candidates with relevant experience in a Manitoba In-demand Occupation, and may also consider those qualifying under another MPNP stream.

Eligibility Criteria

Express Entry

  • Provide a valid Express Entry ID and Job Seeker Validation Code to demonstrate acceptance into the Express Entry pool.

Work Experience

  • Have a minimum of six months of work experience in an occupation listed on the In-Demand Occupations list.
  • Submit a comprehensive Career Plan.

Official Languages Proficiency

  • Meet the minimum official language proficiency requirements based on the National Occupational Classification (NOC):
  • Minimum CLB 7 for NOC 0 or A.
  • Minimum CLB 6 for NOC B.


  • Successfully complete a post-secondary program of at least one year, equivalent to Canadian standards.
  • If the occupation necessitates licensure or certification, applicants must apply to the relevant regulatory body for assessment of qualifications and skills, or pass an examination.


  • Candidate’s age must be minimum 18 years old at the time of submission.


  • Demonstrate the ability and intention to establish economic stability and reside in Manitoba.
  • Obtain confirmation of support from a close friend or relative who has resided in Manitoba for at least one year, or possess a valid Invitation to Apply issued by the MPNP.

Settlement Funds

  • Present liquid funds equivalent to the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) requirements for independent financial resources covering a period of six months.

The Process of Obtaining Canadian Permanent Residence

Step 1: Assess Eligibility

  • Evaluate your eligibility based on the information provided above.

Step 2: Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas Points Grid

  • Eligible individuals must achieve a minimum score of 60 out of 100 according to the Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas points grid.

Step 3: Create Profile in Manitoba's Expression of Interest (EOI) System

  • If eligible, create a profile in Manitoba's Expression of Interest (EOI) system designed for skilled workers.
  • Upon creating a profile, you become a candidate.

Step 4: Assessment and Ranking

  • Candidates are evaluated and assigned a score out of 1,000 using Manitoba's unique ranking system for skilled workers.

Step 5: Invitation to Apply (ITA)

  • Periodically, Manitoba immigration authorities conduct draws inviting the highest-ranked candidates to apply for a provincial nomination.

Step 6: Enhanced Provincial Nomination

  • Successful candidates may apply for an 'enhanced' provincial nomination under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).
  • Enhanced nominations are synchronized with the federal Express Entry system, providing successful applicants with an additional 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

Step 7: Express Entry Profile Update

  • Upon receiving the nomination, it is uploaded to the candidate's Express Entry profile.

Step 8: Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence

  • Following the nomination update, candidates receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence during a subsequent Express Entry draw.

Step 9: Application for Permanent Resident Status

  • Successful applicants can then apply to the federal government for permanent resident status.
  • Processing times typically range from six months or less in the majority of cases.

In-Demand Occupations List

1. Business, Finance, and Administration Occupations

  • Financial managers
  • Human resources managers
  • Other administrative services managers
  • Real-Estate, property, Insurance, and economic brokerage managers
  • Banking, credit, and other investment managers
  • Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers
  • Financial auditors and accountants
  • Financial and investment analysts
  • Other financial officers
  • Human resources professionals
  • Professional occupations in business management consulting
  • Skilled occupations in promotion, marketing, and media publicity/ manipulation
  • Supervisors, finance, and insurance office workers
  • Supervisors/ Controller, supply-chain/ logistics, tracking, and scheduling management occupations
  • Administrative officers
  • Human resources and recruitment officers
  • Property administrators
  • Administrative assistants
  • Legal administrative assistants
  • Court journalists, medical health transcriptions, and allied occupations
  • Accounting technicians and bookkeepers

2. Applied Sciences and Natural Sciences and Related Occupations

  • Engineering managers
  • Architecture and science managers
  • Computer and information systems managers
  • Biologists and related scientists
  • Agricultural representatives, consultants, and specialists
  • Civil engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical and electronics engineers
  • Industrial and manufacturing engineers
  • Computer engineers except software engineers and designers
  • Architects
  • Land surveyors
  • Mathematicians, statisticians, and actuaries
  • Information systems analysts and consultants
  • Database analysts and data administrators
  • Software engineers and designers
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • Web designers and developers
  • Chemical technologists and technicians
  • Geological and mineral technologists and technicians
  • Biological technologists and technicians
  • Agricultural and fish products inspectors
  • Civil engineering technologists and technicians
  • Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians
  • Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians
  • Construction estimators
  • Electronics Engineering and Electrical technologists and technicians
  • Electronic service technicians maintaining household and business equipment
  • Electrical and avionics mechanics, Aircraft instrument, inspectors, and technicians
  • Drafting technologists and technicians
  • Air pilots, flight engineers, and flying instructors
  • Computer network technicians
  • User support technicians

3- Health Occupations

  • Managers in Health Care
  • Pharmacists
  • Dietitians and nutritionists
  • Audiologists and speech-language pathologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Medical laboratory technologists
  • Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants
  • Animal health technologists and veterinary technicians
  • Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists, and cardiopulmonary technologists
  • Medical radiation technologists
  • Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental health)
  • Dental hygienists and dental therapists
  • Massage therapists

4-Occupations in Social Science, Education, Government Service, and Religion

  • Managers in Social, Community, and Correctional Services
  • Lawyers and Quebec notaries
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Family, marriage, and other related counsellors
  • Applied and Natural Science policy researchers, consultants, and program officers
  • Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants
  • Social policy researchers, consultants, and program officers
  • Health guidelines/ Policies researchers, consultants, and program officers
  • Education consultants, Education policy researchers, and Education program officers
  • Recreation, sports, and fitness policy researchers, consultants, and program officers
  • Program officers unique to government
  • Paralegal and related occupations
  • Social and community service workers
  • Early childhood educators and assistants
  • Instructors of persons with disabilities

5-Occupations in Art, Culture, Recreation, and Sport

  • Recreation, Sports, and Fitness Program and Service Directors
  • Producers, directors, choreographers, and related occupations
  • Audio and video recording technicians
  • Graphic designers and illustrators
  • Interior designers and interior decorators
  • Theater, fashion, exhibit, and other creative designers
  • Program influencer and instructors in recreation, sport, and fitness

6-Sales and Service Occupations

  • Corporate Sales Managers
  • Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers
  • Managers in Customer and Personal Services, n.e.c. (not elsewhere classified)
  • Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trade
  • Retail and Wholesale Buyers
  • Real Estate Agents and Salespersons
  • Financial Sales Representatives
  • Food Service Supervisors
  • Cooks
  • Bakers

7-Traders, Transport and Equipment Operators, and Related Occupations

  • Construction Managers
  • Home Building and Renovation Managers
  • Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers
  • Managers in Transportation
  • Machinists and Machining and Tooling Inspectors
  • Tool and Die Makers
  • Sheet Metal Workers
  • Welders and Related Machine Operators
  • Electricians (except Industrial and Power System)
  • Industrial Electricians
  • Electrical Power Line and Cable Workers
  • Telecommunications Line and Cable Workers
  • Telecommunications Installation and Repair Workers
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Concrete Finishers
  • Plasterers, Drywall Installers and Finishers, and Lathers
  • Painters and Decorators (except Interior Decorators)
  • Floor Covering Installers
  • Construction Millwrights and Industrial Mechanics
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
  • Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Mechanics
  • Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors
  • Machine Fitters
  • Truck and Bus Mechanics, Automotive Service Technicians, and Mechanical Repairers
  • Motor Vehicle Body Repairers
  • Railway and Yard Locomotive Engineers
  • Railway Conductors and Brakemen/women
  • Crane Operators

8-Occupations Unique to Primary Industry

  • Managers in Agriculture

9-Occupations Unique to Processing, Manufacturing, and Utilities

  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Utilities Managers
  • Power Engineers and Power Systems Operator

Disclaimer: Before proceeding with any plans related to the Manitoba Immigrant Nominee Program (MPNP)'s federal Express Entry-aligned stream, we strongly advise readers to conduct thorough research. While the following information may provide valuable insights, it is crucial to verify the details and requirements directly from official sources or qualified professionals. Regulations and eligibility criteria can vary, and individual circumstances may impact eligibility. Therefore, readers are encouraged to seek up-to-date information and guidance to make informed decisions regarding their immigration aspirations.

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